Episode 8: Airborne


Dude! Don’t look now, but those tubular shredders at Indie Film Cafe have a gnarlatious flick that’s totally rad! Airborne is a sick 1993 fish outta water tale about a young Cali dude with moore bra’h than brains, trying to cut it in the wintry wilds of Cincinnati with his surf board, roller blades, and a little help from his spastic friend, Wiley. Directed by the X-Files’ Rob Bowman, and featuring Seth Green, Jack Black, and the lovely Brittney Powell, check out our newest podcast review, and check out if this funky flick grabs some air, or totally wipes out!

Sorry, babe, buts its bros before…well, you know

It seems we all kind of felt the same: Airborne is competently produced and decently acted, but the story is ridiculous and cowtrived, even for a teen moovie. The final 20 minutes are far better than the previous 70, but ultimately not worth it. Moody, Just Jenn, and the MooCow all awarded it 6s on the Stinkometer, giving Airborne an overall Stinky Score of 18, and a Stink average of 6.

Stinky Score 6

As usual, you can grab yourself a copy at Amazon, or check it out on-line at Vudu.

Check out the trailer HERE.

Cool, Dude!!!

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