Episode 6: Hey…Stop Stabbing Me!


For Episode 6 we have the wildly funny, imaginative B moovie Hey Stop Stabbing Me!, a film by Worm Miller that centers on poor schlub Herman and his unbelievably bad choices for jobs, residences, roommates, and girlfriends. And if things weren’t bad enough, there is a strange, furry critter who lives in the basement who steals his socks. Along the way to the final great battle royal, Herman must dig holes, stop his teenage girlfriend from having sex with literally everyone, and figure out why his roommates keep joining cults, and ending up in the back garden. Fun and silly, almoost a live-action, low budget cartoon, this ambitious indie will get under your skin and stay there! Check out our podcast review!

Herman is having a BAD DAY!!!

Well, we clearly had too much coffee in our moovie-addled brains, because we goofed up on the Stinkometer score – but the adjusted scores for this film are a 3 from the MooCow and Just Jenn, and a 2 from Jonathan, giving us an overall fairly low Stink Score of 8, and an average stink score of 2.67! Its the least stinkiest moovie so far!

Stinky Score 2

At the mooment, this film is hard to come by, but if you really want a copy (and you should), then grab it here at Amazon. And check out a fun preview of the film HERE.

Oh have I got a job for you…

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