Episode 127: Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)

Hey everybody! Jonathan here again for another blog post! So this was my last episode I hosted for Season 5. And since it was December I wanted to do something semi sort of “Christmas-y” also since it was July that we recorded it I decided that Christmas in the tropics would be a cool theme. So I found one that I hadn’t actually seen yet but knew about and decided to do… “Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman”.  And since I had done Jack Frost before with Paul and this was on Tubi I tried to find a special guest that wasn’t local. So we asked Gaz Morgan to come back for another episode and boy did this new episode not disappoint (much like the movie kind of did) lol 

I mean Jack Frost 1 wasn’t a total winner. It had a few problems of its own but jeez by comparison that movie was Citizen Kane. Now a lot of people love this movie (I’m looking at you Maddie Deering) and that’s okay, like I get it. I get the whole love for these two films but all in all I felt like the movie severely lacked the goofiness this one had. Oh I mean it tried but the goofiness was too in your face that I feel like that kind of screwed everything up. 

What where yer pokin’ yer icicle, fellah!

Some of the original cast came back for this film which was a big treat to see. I kind of wished I had watched the first one right before watching this next one because I almost forgot certain characters (Remember we did Jack Frost in season 2 so it had been like 3 years since I had seen it. The original cast were having a blast coming back to play their parts. I specifically loved seeing Agent Manners back. It was a big coincidence they all wound up there but they did the best explaining it. 

We all laughed at the silliness of the idea to have a snowman on a tropical island… one that can evaporate and just be a carrot in the water. Oh Brother!  But I mean the pure mindlessness of the movie mixed in with the “Science” of it all just sort of made this movie lack the fun and imagination any of these type of killer things that shouldn’t exist movies be. I think after the first movie the writer director said to himself… “What do I do next that will set this one apart from the other one… I know I’ll put in the tropics” And then he decided to throw a bunch of things in that didn’t make any sense

We’re the best thing in the whole darn flick!

Speaking of which the biggest thing it did was introduce him having kids. Baby snowballs. I laughed my ass off at that. It didn’t seem like Gaz was all that impressed. Hell neither him or Paul seemed that thrilled with any of it. I think when this movie was made I was in high school or just getting out so this was more up my dark and scary alley. I sort of enjoy and have a soft spot for these type of flicks. Stuff like Child’s play where there’s a serial killer inside of something silly. This one however I think was just a tad bit too over the top but not in the fun way it should have been. 

With that being said the scores are in…. It seemed that Paul thought it was the most stinky and gave it a 9 on the Stinkometer. While Gaz and and I both gave it an 8 each. Which brought the Stink Total to 25. Which ties it up there with a bunch including: Wild World of Batwoman (Which deserves to be lower than this in my opinion, Totem (another one that should have been more fun), Pocket Ninjas (eeek), Alien Beasts (which I thought was higher… thanks John Ward), Ankle Biters, (Snooze), Cat Women of the Moon (Ehhh), Darkwolf (Grrr Grrr), and Prehistoric Bimbos from Armageddon City (Once again I wish was higher on the Stinkometer).

Anyhoo thank you all so much for checking this out. Paul is coming up next with his two episode write-ups to wrap up Season 5, then we are off to Season 6.  But until then here’s Paul to tell you how to get your grubby little hooves on this flick take it away Paul…

Moo everyone! Well, we has yer trailer for you right HERE. And if you want to watch this flick fer free you can finds it on YouTube and Tubi. Uncle Amazon has it on DVD, Blu Ray AND VHS, because true surrering only comes when you spend the moolah and has it in yer own hooves. Both DVD and Blu Ray are also sold at Best Buy (with original and alternative covers!), GrindhouseVideos.Com, MoviesUnlimited.com, and the DVD can be had for re-sale at both Albris and Ebay. Get the digital poster at SBS, and up to an 11″ x 17″ physical poster at MoviePosters2.com. Get the tee shirt at HorrorFilmTees.com and those of you who like the soundtrack can find it HERE. Also there are some fun reviews of this flick at Dread Central, Hamburgers & Horror, and HorrorSociety.com.

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