Episode 125: Class of 1999 II: The Substitute (1994)

Hey everyone!!! Jonathan Moody is here again with a new episode. And I had to find a movie that I remember really enjoying as a kid. I grew up on Sasha Mitchell (Kickboxer 2; Step by Step) and I was so excited to do a movie that I remembered being kind of fun and entertaining especially if you just turn your brain off. That’s this movie… Class of 1999 II: The Substitute. I remember renting it as a kid and watching it over and over again. But it had been so long since I had seen it last. When I was thinking who could I have as guests on the show first and foremost I couldn’t invite Paul because I already tortured him with Kickboxer 2 for Quick Review Thursday. I had to pick people who would be in to it… so of course I had asked Dustin Hubbard and John Ward. Those two guys have been on other shows with me including, White Wolves: A Cry in the Wild 2 and Totem, so I was excited to have them back together again.  And boy was this new episode a fun show. 

To begin with the story is about Sasha Mitchell playing a character named John Boles: John is the new substitute teacher. In one of the first scenes he kills a guy and puts him in a closet which makes no sense for the rest of the movie because was this the teacher he is replacing? I think we are supposed to be led to believe it but that guys death never comes back. It’s almost as if that story line was just put in there to give him something cool to do. Later John starts to teach the kids lessons in harmful ways. He beats up a bunch of students who refuse to go to class and late blows up said students in a car. It doesn’t seem like there’s any police involved in anything this guy does. 

Hmmmmm, who do I kill next, sooo many choices….

John becomes fixated on a teacher named Miss McKensie. She’s very beautiful but made one fatal mistake which is she turned in a gang member and the gang member got out of jail and was allowed back in the high school. Honestly she should have quit. I mean there’s no reason to risk your life everyday for a job that isn’t really that worth it. Miss McKensie is dating a guy named Emmett Grazer (Played as well as he could by Nick Cassavettes… this is before he directed The Notebook). One day however a bunch of the gang members are coming after McKensie and John stops them. He soon keeps coming to her rescue which goes on Grazer’s radar. Who is this guy? Why is he fixated on my woman? 

Speaking of fixated…. McKensie and Grazer have a steamy sex scene which I can imagine is the only reason Nick joined the cast. I mean it would have been my only reason. Weirdly enough during that scene John is just watching them like a creep. Stalker, much? Another time at her house the house gets shot at by the gang members and guess who’s there to save Miss McKensie… you guessed right? John is there to save the day! Pretty quickly she should have been alerted that there is something weird and creepy about this guy but since he’s always saving her she’s not thinking that.

Would you like a cigarette? No? No??? No…

Oh I forgot to mention we also get a guy named G.D. Ash, played by Deathstalker himself Rick Hill, who is following John and gives us a bit of background on the character. Honestly I wish there would have been more of that and less of the heroic saves. I just would have wanted more of him because he would have helped explain stuff. However since it’s so sporadic that we get it (I wonder if it was an after thought… like no one will understand what’s going on we have to put someone in there to give us more exposition). Anyhoo we find out more about John and why he’s so badass. And it all ties (sort of) in to the first Class of 1999. I won’t give away the ending but there is a bit of a twist. 

All in all in my opinion the movie wasn’t the worst… in fact for a direct to video style sequel of a movie I didn’t even see first I thought it wasn’t terrible but it doesn’t hold up nearly as well as I remembered it. I mean like I said before I would watch this over and over again. I may still watch it every now and then and I think there’s a Blu Ray out there of it which I must own at some point. Anyway those are my thoughts…

Get to class or I KEEEELLLLL YOU!!!!

Well the scores are in and I was very nice and gave it a 6. To me that’s not very high on the Stinkometer. Dustin Hubbard gave it a 7. And John Ward enjoyed it the most giving it a 4. Giving it a total of 17, and a Stinky Average of 5.7. I mean technically it deserves a low rating since it’s not that bad. We’ve seen a hell of a lot worse. And you can hear the movie; you can see the movie. It might be a little convoluted or eye rolling but it has its merits. As for a 17 that puts it up with Gingerdead Man, John Johnson’s Shadow Hunters, and Ski Wolf… seems to be in good company! Anyway thanks for checking out this newest post…

Paul the MooCow will now tell you how to find this movie! Take it away Paul….

Finds the trailerage right HERE. You can sees it for free as OJ on the Tube of You. It is also streaming on Prime, as well as Tubi and Vudu. But if you want yer hot, sweaty little hooves on a copy of your very own, you can get the DVD on Amazon, Vintage Shack.com, and for re-sale through Ebay. You can also get the flick on Blu ray from Uncle Amazon too. Heckers, they even have it on VHS, if that’s your jam. Get the 11 x 17 poster at MoviePosterShop.com and Wallyworld, and the larger 27 x 40 poster at MoviePostersEtc.com, CineMaterial.com, and Posterazzi.com. HorrorFilmTees.com has a tee shirt, if you like, but that’s about it for swag.

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