Episode 115: Savage Beach (1989)

Hey everyone! Jonathan Moody back again for another blog post here. And this time I’m here to talk about the 1989 Andy Sidaris flick, “Savage Beach”, which Paul and I did with special guest Cayt Feinics. Based on her being on the last episode of IFC where she reviewed Samurai Cop and absolutely loved it we had a sinking suspicion that she was going to enjoy this one too! She fits in really well with IFC! Check out the latest IFC episode!

From the IMDB Plot: DEA agents flying cargo as part of their cover make an emergency landing on a remote island in the pacific, where several unscrupulous parties are looking for a WWII gold treasure. Yep that pretty much covers the movie. Well aside from lots of random nudity and I mean RANDOM nudity. There’s a scene where two of the female DEA agents are changing their shirts on the plane. Gratuitous should be Andy’s middle name. 

But funny thing is it just works for this flick. When you watch an Andy Sidaris movie as Paul says you are not looking for a movie without any plot holes or amazing writing. You are looking for a non stop action flick, with boobs, and explosions. And we got A LOT of explosions. Something you rarely see in any indie films anymore. Which is always a treat to look back and see. 

The thing with Andy’s flicks are they are pretty slick. They look good. They sound good. They almost feel like they have a Hollywood budget. They don’t but they at least feel that way and those make it fun but not stinky fun. To me it’s enjoyable to look back at a movie like this and just enjoy it for what it is.

Starring some of Andy’s most fun actors… Dona Speir (who sadly turned us down for an interview. I think she’s trying to forget these flicks), Hope Marie Carlton (who makes Paul swoon), John Aprea (who’s been in much better movies than this, like “The Godfather Part II” and “Bullitt”), Lisa London, Teri Wigel, Max Wasa, and many more. The cast alone is well worth the watch! 

On the island there’s a random ninja – stuff like this you just don’t see in action movies anymore. We mentioned in the review about Jim Wynorski. Jim, Donald Farmer, and Fred Olen Ray are probably the last of the filmmakers who did stuff like this in the 80s and 90s. Maybe there will be a resurgence and these kind of flicks will come back with new actors taking over. One can only hope right? 

Well the scores are in and it seems that Paul himself is the one who thought this film was stinkier than everyone else. However, he didn’t think it was that stinky: he gave it a 5.5. Cayt was a half below him, and gave it a 5, while I was a little nicer, and seemed to enjoy it a bit more, and gave it a 4. Giving it a total of 14.5, and a Stinky Average of 4.8. On the Ladder of Stink that puts it next to Fire City: End of Days, which I think is a good comparison: both are slick and better than average stinkers.  

I guess that’s it for me! I will let you all go and be back next month with a brand new review but until then here’s Paul telling you where you can get Savage Beach

The glorious trailer is right HERE. It is floating around on Youtube. You can also stream it on Prime. Also for some reason you can stream it on Full Moon. Git yer hooves on the DVD from Uncle Amazon, or splurge for the kewl blu ray! It is also part of the glorious triple moovie combo dvd that you can still get from Ebay, Bullets, Bombs, and Babes! Get the DVD-blu ray combo from Mill Creek! You can get the classic moovie poster straight from the man himself at AndySidaris.com!!! There is a 27″ x 40″ poster at Amazon, and CineMaterial.com has several different digital posters you can download for free! Get the tee shirt at MoviePosters2.com!

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