Episode 95: Red Line (1996)

Moody here again back for another blog review! Remember I will be doing this on episodes that Paul is not a part of! And this is the second episode of the season. And I was a lot nicer on this movie than even the last one. The 1996 Chad McQueen, Jan Michael Vincent, Dom Deluise, Michael Madsen car chase movie, “Red Line”. I’m not going to lie when I went looking for a Corey Feldman movie I was thinking to myself… A). I’ve never heard of this flick…. And B). What a fucking cast! I still thought this had to be a stinker. And boy was I wrong! I really enjoyed this flick!

I also thought of enlisting two of my friends as special guests. Rob Kellum AKA Stro and Dale A Niehaus. Dale had been in the last season with Ana Xaden for the black and white star studded flick, “Don’s Plum” This time he’s back with Stro who has Never been on Indie Film Cafe before…. Until Now! He will most likely be coming back for future episodes as well. Check out the latest podcast to hear more.

Let’s get on with the movie…

Red Line is about a car thief/robber Jimmy (Played by Steve McQueen’s son Chad McQueen). He works at his dad’s friend Jerry’s body shop (Played by Dom DeLuise) fixing up cars. Jimmy gets mixed up with a mob guy named Keller (Played by Jan Michael Vincent with apparently a real scar on his face) who wants to use Jimmy to heist cars for money. He tests him out on stealing a car from Mr. Lawrence (Played by Michael Madsen) and things get even crazier when he meets Gem (Played by Roxana Zal). Including a cast with the likes of Corey Feldman, Robert Z’dar, Julie Strain, and a cameo by both Joe Estevez, and Ron Jeremy you have the makings of an exceptional indie hit!

The film had some amazing car chases, a little sex, some thrills, some spills… it had it all. For a low low low budget indie flick this was a pretty wild romp. Chad McQueen I had never really watched many movies of his. I was more familiar with him from Karate Kid. Seeing him as a lead with the pretty quiet character (much like his father Steve McQueen) I enjoyed him in it! He carries the movie very well. And Gem is such a cutie. They had fantastic chemistry together.

One of the writers of the film Rolfe Kanefsky told us that he was brought in to pretty much fill in the script which they thought most of the movie would be car chase scenes. And I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of it was car chases. The chase through a graveyard was my favorite.

Well the ratings are in… And the Indie Film Cafe Kids did another low on the Stinkometer movie. Now I have no idea what Paul would have given it but I gave it a 2, Stro gave it 2.5, and Dale gave it a 3. Making it 7.5 on the Ladder of Stink… tied with Rat Phink a Boo Boo and Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill… wow not too shabby for a movie I found on You Tube! Goes to show ya you never know what diamonds in the stinky (or not so stinky) rough you can find.

Trailer is right HERE. And you can check it out for free on Youtube. It is also available for streaming on Amazon Prime. DVDs are pricey, but are also on Amazon. Check out the 2×3 poster on Amazon too. If you dig the film’s soundtrack you can download songs right HERE.

Join us next week for one of Paul’s mooooovies!

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