Episode 87: Hobgoblins (1988)

Welcome to the 80’s, Stink Moovie fans! Yes, cocaine, Ronald Reagan, and parachute pants are not the only stinky relics of the era, so is the latest Indie Film Cafe’s episode: Rick Sloane‘s immortal Hobgoblins! And yer old pal the MooCow, Jonathan Moody, and long-suffering sidekick Just Jenn are all on hand to take a peek at this ridiculous puppet Gremlins rip-off that is at once hard to watch and yet a wonder to behold!

Loser Kevin, his frigid girlfriend Amy, and their “friends”, the sex-crazed Daphne, meathead soldier boy Nick, and King of All Dorks Kyle all have to do battle with a bunch of furry little puppets that invade their home and pretend to offer folks their wildest dreams coming true, just before killing them. But honestly, the story takes a back seat to the horrible 80’s clothing, moosic, and styles, and of course FISH PICKER!!! Or is it PIG LIQUOR!!!! Doesn’t matter. Welcome to Club Scum, weirdos, let’s fight with rakes and dial up a 1-900 phone sex mistress while we pound those puppets! :=8D

While moost of the leads never went on to do anything else, we have seen udders in this film before. The ancient Mr. McCreedy is played by none udder than Jeffrey Culver, whom the IFC kids recently enjoyed in Nightmare Sisters, and also showed up in Bad Girls from Mars, Lady Avenger, and several of Rick Sloane udder stinkers, including two Vice Academy films. Here he plays a crotchety old coot that would make John Carradine proud, and is the guy who has been trying to keep the furry lil critters locked up. Skeezy 80’s teen telephone fantasy Fantazia was played by Tamara Clatterbuck (as Tami Bakke), who has also appeared in UFH, Battling Amazons, and on TV shows like Murphy Brown, A Different World, NYPD Blue, The X-Files, and Beverly Hills 90120, and who also appeared in Sloane’s Vice Academy. Good ol’ Duane Whitaker appears as the lovable Road Rash, the Club Scum bouncer with a heart of…rancid beef jerky? He appeared moost famously in Pulp Fiction, but also in Tales from the Hood, Feast, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn 2, Halloween II (2009), and the Devil’s Rejects. And finally the adorable Kari French played Pixie, the Club Scum waitress on the make who can really dance! She also appeared in the stinky Wizard of Speed and Time, Dangerzone III, Wildling, Bad Love, and Repo Chick, and also was yet an-udder to appear in Vice Academy. You can’t say that Rick Sloane wasn’t loyal to his workers!

While this is certainly a stinky film, the IFC kids definitely have some love for this crappy little flick too – Moody went with a 7 on the Stinkometer, while Just Jenn chipped in with a 6 and yer old pal the MooCow awarded a 6.5, giving Hobgoblins a total Stink Score of 19.5, which is a Stinky Average of 6.5! On the Ladder of Stink, that puts Hobgoblins tied with Octaman and the Double D Avenger!

Check out the trailer right HERE. Check out the classic VHS tape from EBAY! And there is a NEW trailer for the Vinegar Syndrome blu ray release! The free uncut version is HERE. Its also on Tubi. BUT you can watch the hi-larious MST3K version for free on Youtube – but if yer a real fan do yerself a favor and plunk down some hard-earned weregeld for the awesome blu ray/dvd combo from Uncle Amazon! You can also buy it direct from Vinegar Sydrome HERE. A digital version of the awesome POSTER can be found at Cinematerial.com, as well as the Movieposterdb.com. Good ol’ ETSY has a Hobgoblins throw pillow, tee shirt, and poster sized print! And Cultcollectiblesonline.com has an awesome Hobgoblins Tee Shirt! And the glorious full-color shirt at Video Nasty’s has to bee seen to be believed!

Yep, they just don’t make ’em like this anymoore! If you need to see a silly fuzzy puppet horror flick, or need to git yer 80’s thang on full-blown, then you NEED to find yourself a copy of Hobgoblins – you’ll be so happy you’ll dance like Daphne!

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