Episode 35: Polymorph (1996)


Want a fun little Sci-Fi indie that might be short on budget but is long on fun?  Look no further than J.R. Bookwalter‘s Polymorph, when a blob of green alien goo stuck in a meteor crashes into a group of nerdy interns fighting some sleazy drug dealers in the woods.  The moovie stars  James L. Edwards, Ariauna Albright (“Witchhouse”), Tom Hoover (“Chickboxer”, “Dead & Rotting”), and Sasha Graham (the Tarot Diva), and features a quickie cameo by indie producer Michal Raso (“Gladiator Eroticus: The Lesbian Warrior”, “Spiderbabe”, “Bite Me!”).  Edwards (“The Dead Next Door”, “MILFS VS Zombies”, “Chickboxer”), who also wrote the script, stars as Dante, who wasn’t even supposed to be there that day at the Quick E Mart – errr, wait, I is cowfused yet again.  Well, check out the Indie Film Cafe‘s latest podcast HERE to check out all fuss!

Green is the FX color of the day!

While the bright green graphics of this “Reservoir Predator” are fairly cheesy, the story is fun and the dialogue sharp, and the moovie is fairly well acted and shot.  Its part of the wonderful underground Tempe Entertainment group, which released early moovies from J.R. Bookwalter, Todd Sheets, and Chris Seaver, among udders, from the late 80’s and into the 90’s and beyond, and headed by Bookwalter himself.  Sadly, Tempe is gone now, but hopefully fans can still get their hooves on indie moovie on line for a while.  Polymorph should be on your list of flicks to get!

GAHHHHHH!!!  Green Lightning!!!  :=8O

We all enjoyed this frisky little indie – like moost underground genre flicks it has its share of stink, due mostly to low budget and overly high expectations – and it generated a fairly good Stink Score, getting a 5.5 from the MooCow, a 4 from Moody, and 3 from IFC resident scientist Lenore!  That’s a total Stink Score of 12.5, and a Stink Average of 4.2 – well done indeed!


We gotst trailerage right HERE.  Buy it or stream it on Amazon.  You can also use Alibris to track down a copy too.  Copies also show up from time to time on both Planet Store and Ebay.  Bookwalter’s moovies do show up from time to time in underground film festivals such as Horror Boobs, and you can catch interviews with the man if you search as well.  James L. Edwards has teamed up with IFC’s own Johnathan Moody on Mama’s Boy, a short horror film which will be cowming out soon!  You can check out a fascinating interview with James at Extreme Horror Cinema.com.

Ohhhh, this aint gonna be good…

We here at Indie Film cafe love to celebrate indie and underground moovies, both the good and the stinky, and we encourage all of you to experience them for yourselves, if for no udder reason than to see what is being created outside the Hollywood box – and we think Polymorph is one you should definitely check out!

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