Episode 9: Bite Me!

bite me

Heavens to Betsy! We’ve got bugs and drugs in the strip club! Director Brett Piper’s freaky, weed-munching stop-motion bugs invade the Go-G Saurus, and the strippers, lead by the world-famous Misty Mundae, and the always-wonderful Erika Smith have to fight to survive! Add in a dumb exterminator who is kind to spiders, a crazy DEA agent searching for ‘Mr. Big”, a couple of feuding mobsters, and you have one fun, whacky, B moovie! Check out the Indie Film Cafe podcast to hear us moan and groan!

The MooCow gives this flick a 2, Moody a 4, and Just Jenn a 3, for a total Stink Score of 9, and a stinky average of 3 – a quality episode!

Stinky Score 3

Wanna copy for yourself? Of course you do! Hie thee hither to Amazon!

And enjoy the fun trailer on Youtube!


Episode 8: Airborne


Dude! Don’t look now, but those tubular shredders at Indie Film Cafe have a gnarlatious flick that’s totally rad! Airborne is a sick 1993 fish outta water tale about a young Cali dude with moore bra’h than brains, trying to cut it in the wintry wilds of Cincinnati with his surf board, roller blades, and a little help from his spastic friend, Wiley. Directed by the X-Files’ Rob Bowman, and featuring Seth Green, Jack Black, and the lovely Brittney Powell, check out our newest podcast review, and check out if this funky flick grabs some air, or totally wipes out!

It seems we all kind of felt the same: Airborne is competently produced and decently acted, but the story is ridiculous and cowtrived, even for a teen moovie. The final 20 minutes are far better than the previous 70, but ultimately not worth it. Moody, Just Jenn, and the MooCow all awarded it 6s on the Stinkometer, giving Airborne an overall Stinky Score of 18, and a Stink average of 6.

Stinky Score 6

As usual, you can grab yourself a copy at Amazon, or check it out on-line at Vudu.

Check out the trailer HERE.


Episode 7: Roller Gator


Sufferin’ swamp gas! Episode seven of Indie Film Cafe is none other than Roller Gator!!! That’s right, Donald G. Jackson‘s 1996 classic tale of a small, plastic, purple, rappin’ baby ‘gator, and his epic struggle against a crooked carnival host who wants him caged, the evil and dangerous DARK NINJA (who hates vegetables), and hapless Reggie the Weenie Fingers. Will cute, snuggly PJ and young Slingshot manage to help Baby Gator (he’s almoost 12!) meet Swampy the Swamp Farmer, and get his lil’ gator butt back to the safety of the swamp? Watch this pulse-pounding, intense action flick and see for your self! Starring Joe Estevez, Conrad Brooks, and an inanimate wise-cracking plastic toy, this fun and crazy flick will have you smiling AND shaking your head in disbelief at the same time! And dig that craaaazy guitar noodling, all on our podcast review!

Yeah, there is a lot of stink to go around on this one, kids, we’re not gonna lie. The MooCow gave it a 7, while Just Jenn and Jonathan both gave it 8s, making the total Stink Score a 23, and an average Stink score of 7.67, making Roller Gator one of our stinkiest flicks to date!

Stinky Score 7

Get your hooves on a copy at Amazon. And don’t forget to check out the funny Rifftrax version too!

Go HERE to enjoy that awesome Baby Gator rap!


Episode 6: Hey…Stop Stabbing Me!


For Episode 6 we have the wildly funny, imaginative B moovie Hey Stop Stabbing Me!, a film by Worm Miller that centers on poor schlub Herman and his unbelievably bad choices for jobs, residences, roommates, and girlfriends. And if things weren’t bad enough, there is a strange, furry critter who lives in the basement who steals his socks. Along the way to the final great battle royal, Herman must dig holes, stop his teenage girlfriend from having sex with literally everyone, and figure out why his roommates keep joining cults, and ending up in the back garden. Fun and silly, almoost a live-action, low budget cartoon, this ambitious indie will get under your skin and stay there! Check out our podcast review!

Well, we clearly had too much coffee in our moovie-addled brains, because we goofed up on the Stinkometer score – but the adjusted scores for this film are a 3 from the MooCow and Just Jenn, and a 2 from Jonathan, giving us an overall fairly low Stink Score of 8, and an average stink score of 2.67! Its the least stinkiest moovie so far!

Stinky Score 2

At the mooment, this film is hard to come by, but if you really want a copy (and you should), then grab it here at Amazon. And check out a fun preview of the film HERE.


Episode 5: For Y’ur Height Only


Epidose 5 of Indie Film Cafe, and we have a special treat for all stink fans out there, the legendary Filipino kung fu super agent ninja midget flick For Y’ur Height Only, starring the one-of-a-kind Weng Weng!!! This amazing, and silly, non-stop spy-actioner features bizarre dialogue, strange characters, the Ugly Shirt Gang with a never-ending line up of bosses, ridiculous gadgets, and the very ‘special’ kung fu fighting style of the shortest leading man in moovie history! This is one flick you absolutely HAVE to see to believe! So, head on over to Podbean for our podcast review, and be prepared to be AMAZED!

While the film does have some pretty stinky stuff, it is just soooo entertaining that we all gave it fairly low stink grades, with the MooCow grading it out as a 3, Jonathan a 4, and Just Jenn splitting the difference with a 3.5, for a total Stink Score of 10.5, and a Stink average of 3.5! And with the soon-to-come out Stink Badges (Badges? We don’t need no stinking stink badges!), those scores will all climb ever higher!

Stinky Score 3

Seriously, you need to buy this movie! Check it out here at Amazon.

And for those of you who can’t get enough Weng Weng (and who can??), check out Andrew Leavold’s awesome documentary The Search for Weng Weng here.

And for you hardcore, can’t get enough fans out there who want even moore background on the Wengster, Andrew’s book can be found here.