Episode 12: Tromeo & Juliet


Body Piercing, Kinky Sex, and Dismemberment – and a Penis Puppet Monster!  All the things that made Shakespeare Great, which are the same things that make Troma great too, especially this subversive, mooovelous little stunner about star-crossed teenagers called Tromeo and Juliet!  Set in the same wonderful Tromaverse as Sgnt. Kabukiman and the Toxic Avenger, this is the tale of the famous teens in love told in a way the Great Bard never dared to dream!  Only the Bard of Tromaville, Lloyd Kaufman, could come up with a story so twisted, weird, and violent, and yet still true to the original material.  Featuring great performances, a super soundtrack, and a no-holds-barred attitude, as well as the stunning and lovely Jane Jensen, and written by James Gunn, this Troma-riffic flick will get your ultra-violent thrills AND satisfy your highbrow film thirst in one fell swoop.  Just watch out for that nipple piercing!  BAD MONKEY!!! Check out our podcast and see what the fuss is about!

Its Moo Love!

The MooCow gives this crazy moovie a 3.5, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn a 4, for a total Stink Score of 10.5, and a stinky average of 3.5! That’s a great Stink Score!  All this, and Lemmy too!

Stinky Score 3

You like the trailahhhs?  Well we gotst da trailahhs, right HERE!  To git yer hooves on a copy of dis flick, head on over to that wonderland of independent film, TROMA, and plunk down your hard-earned weregeld for a dvd or blu-ray copy!  Or check out Troma’s YouTube channel!  Either way you slice it, you need a copy of this flick now!

Uncle Lloyd says Check it Out!

Episode 11: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter


The power of Christ Impales you!  But only if you are a mean, nasty vampire!  Yes, the Prince of Peace is in the battle against the forces of darkness with his friends, Mary Magnum and El Santos, as they fight a cabal of lesbian-munching vampires and the evil Doctor PretoriusPhil Caracas plays the big JC, hunter of vampires, in this fun, wacky Canadian flick written by Ian Driscoll and directed by Lee Gorden Demarbre.  The nutjobs here at Indie Film Cafe have lots to say about this one on Episode #11 podcast – check it out!  Thrill at the amazing fight scenesEnjoy the scha-weeet musical and dance routines!!  Marvel at the incredible talking bowl of cherries!!!  And remember: Everybody gets laid tonight!


The only stakes the MooCow approves…

The MooCow gives this fun flick a 2, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn a 3 as well, for a total Stink Score of 8, and a stinky average of 2.5! That’s an amazingly low and unstinky score!

Stinky Score 2

Pick up the Special Edition DVD at Amazon, and get the amazing BLU RAY there too!  And enjoy the dramatic trailer HERE.  There is also a bittersweet remembrance video HERE, 9 years after the moovie was made, discussing where various folks who made the film ended up.  Finally, enjoy the haunting El Santos Theme Song HERE, because you can never get enough of El Santos!

I kick ass for the Lord!



Episode 10: Shrunken Heads


What do decapitated teenagers, voodoo, street bullies, and boob snuggles all have in common?  Check out Richard Elfman‘s wacky Full Moon production of Shrunken Heads, or better yet, listen to the Indie Film Cafe folks yack it up on podcast episode 10!  Just remember not to piss off Big Mo, she’s busy tryin’ to track down her slips, whatsamatta wichoo?  See the always wonderful Meg Foster in her most amazing role yet!

Searching for Boob Snuggles

The MooCow gives this flick a 5, Moody a 3, and Just Jenn split the difference, as she usually does, a 4, for a total Stink Score of 12, and a stinky average of 4!  That’s pretty good!

Stinky Score 4

If you’d like a copy for your self, and why the heck wouldn’t you, head on over to Full Moon Pictures’ website for a direct purchase HERE.

You want trailers?  Oh, we gotst trailers, check it out!

Now if we can just get Continuity Monkey from demanding boob snuggles from everyone…

boob snuggles
Finally!  Boob Snuggles!!!!



Episode 9: Bite Me!

bite me

Heavens to Betsy! We’ve got bugs and drugs in the strip club! Director Brett Piper’s freaky, weed-munching stop-motion bugs invade the Go-G Saurus, and the strippers, lead by the world-famous Misty Mundae, and the always-wonderful Erika Smith have to fight to survive! Add in a dumb exterminator who is kind to spiders, a crazy DEA agent searching for ‘Mr. Big”, a couple of feuding mobsters, and you have one fun, wacky, B moovie! Check out the Indie Film Cafe podcast to hear us moan and groan!

Misty means business!

The MooCow gives this flick a 2, Moody a 4, and Just Jenn a 3, for a total Stink Score of 9, and a stinky average of 3 – a quality episode!

Stinky Score 3

Wanna copy for yourself? Of course you do! Hie thee hither to Amazon!

And enjoy the fun trailer on Youtube!

No creepy crawlies in the strip club!



Episode 8: Airborne


Dude! Don’t look now, but those tubular shredders at Indie Film Cafe have a gnarlatious flick that’s totally rad! Airborne is a sick 1993 fish outta water tale about a young Cali dude with moore bra’h than brains, trying to cut it in the wintry wilds of Cincinnati with his surf board, roller blades, and a little help from his spastic friend, Wiley. Directed by the X-Files’ Rob Bowman, and featuring Seth Green, Jack Black, and the lovely Brittney Powell, check out our newest podcast review, and check out if this funky flick grabs some air, or totally wipes out!

Sorry, babe, buts its bros before…well, you know

It seems we all kind of felt the same: Airborne is competently produced and decently acted, but the story is ridiculous and cowtrived, even for a teen moovie. The final 20 minutes are far better than the previous 70, but ultimately not worth it. Moody, Just Jenn, and the MooCow all awarded it 6s on the Stinkometer, giving Airborne an overall Stinky Score of 18, and a Stink average of 6.

Stinky Score 6

As usual, you can grab yourself a copy at Amazon, or check it out on-line at Vudu.

Check out the trailer HERE.

Cool, Dude!!!