Episode 129: ZuZu Queen of the Monsters (2007)

Moo! Well, the Indie Film Cafe kids somecow made it all the way through Season 5, but not before the season went out with a BANG – the MooCow found this adorably stinky, fun, wacky kids kaiju flick, and he just hadda share it! Check out the Season 5 finale with Moody, the MooCow, and poor, long-suffering Just Jenn on the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe, and look out for all those RAMPAGING MONSTERS!!! :=8O


Sooooo…were there any monsters? Well, kinda-sorta. Were they rampaging?? Well, not so much. Let’s just say that there was a lot less rampaging going on, and a lot moore just hanging around looking cheap and silly and adorable. Some of them had strings, and some of them were puppets, both of which are pluses in this cow’s mind! In which our wonderful Overlord Queen Zuzu, along with her adorable sidekicks Dog and Cat, have to save the earth from the EVIL QUEEN PUPU and her ‘Atomic Evil Set to DESTROY Every Living Thing on Earth!!!” And its all new, all live NOT a cartoon! AND it features guest appearances including the Easter Bunny, the Mad Hatter, and about 20 minutes of the Academy Award winning 1956 French children’s film The Red Balloon. Will the earth be destroyed by FrankenPuPu??? WHAT MOORE CUD YOU POSSIBLY WANT??? :=8O

Oh NO! its the Evil Queen Pupu performing her DARK MAGIC with a balloon and old TV and a red tarp!

Well, I suppose you might want something to actually happen. Or monsters. or just, you know, stuff. Well don’t you spoiled rotten kids just want everything! :=8P

Awlright, so not a whole lot actually happens in this moovie, although it is quite cute to see all the weird and cheap characters and effects, plus if you like dopey-talking dogs and cats you’ll give this moovie a few hooves up as well. The Red Balloon footage does add girth to this fairly slight flick, but it also drags the moovie down to a crawl, which is a shame because I wanted a whole lot moore interactions with the fun characters! I imagine even smaller children will not have the patience to put up with too much of this stuff, but you can image what poor Moody and Just Jenn had to go through! I mean, its no Miss Werewolf (and nothing else in the world cud be!), but when yer friends aren’t quite as enamored with the critters and silly dialog and effects as you are, well, let’s just say there was not a lot of cheering going around the room while watching Queen Zuzu. And that’s kind of a shame, because it is a very creative and full and silly film, if yer in the right mood, and you are forgiving in your heart.

All this goodness comes from the mind of one Ace Fronton , he who gave the world such delights as Frankenstein VS Hitler and Night of the Fools (reviewed by IFC!). He also made a moovie called Mondo Naked Witch in 1990 which the MooCow is dying to git his hooves on! He’s a writer, director, editor, producer AND cinematographer, all on his own personal weird little projects, of course, and he makes the kind of micro-budget lil indies that the MooCow just loves. Moost of ’em are shorts, but ZuZu was a full hour, at least after it was padded out with Red Balloon footage. Is that cheating? Well, yeah, probably, but think of the children, won’t someone please think of the children???

I believe everyone else involved in the production has worked mainly on his udder home moovie flicks, and not mooch else. Yahuba Daly played both Queen Zuzu AND Queen Pupu, and is listed as the film’s producer.

GAHHHHH!!! What is THAT?? :=8O Its Pulala!!

Well, the votes are in, and yeahhhhhhh, unaimous 10’s all the way around, even though it broke the MooCow’s furry little child-like heart. but this is one of those 30’s that you really should go out and find because in the right mood you will have moore than few chuckles! That score shoots the moovie right up to Stinky heaven, along with Neil Breen, Miss Werewolf, and a hold of udder classics endured by the Indie Film Cafe kids.

Is there a trailer?? You bet yer booties THERE IS! and it rocks!
Sadly, the link this cow had to order the film is no moore, and there is almoost nothing out there on this film, woe betide! Ok, someone on DeviantArt.com did make a Queen Zuzu picture. so SOMEONE cares. RobertHood.net had the scoop on where to buy, and has a great synopsis of the film, but there just isn’t much out there anymoore, which makes me sad. If a new link to buy comes out you can be sure we will let everyone know. LONG LIVE QUEEN ZUZU!!!

Thanks again to everyone for hanging in throughout a glorious Season 5, and please join us for an even MOORE glorious (is that even possible??) Season 6 at Indie Film Cafe!!

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