Episode #120: Blind Ghost (2021)

Oh Alix Villaret…so pretty, so sweet, so ho-hum as an actress. You deserve better than this absolute mess of a ‘ghost’ flick – oh, there is a ghost, finally, that shows up in the waning last few mooments of this weird-ass film, but its NOT blind, and by the time it shows up moost people watching are either already asleep, have turned the film off, or no longer care. From the folks who brought us the equally dreadful Dollface, so we knew what we were getting into! Check out the latest episode of Indie Film Cafe where Moody, the MooCow, and special guest co-host actress Jackey Hall, all moan and groan and gnash their teeth over this oddball wanna-be horror moovie!

Its always fun when yer lawyer is a weird survivalist garden gnome who refuses to wear a shirt…

Yeahhh…so Alix plays a regular old fashioned LA girl named Lily, who happens to have a thick French accent, and who gets blinded in an ‘accident’ – her weird family either doesn’t care, or are busy getting their entire faces tattooed, you know, as you do. She then refuses to learn braille, because why on earth would she do that? There some kind of inheritance involved, which means its time to worry about the rest of the family, and for the strange garden gnome who passes for a lawyer to get involved by stripping his shirt off and guzzling beers at various meetings – you know, as you do. Mix in Uncle Tattooface, Detective Bonkers (his actual name!), who likes to sleep with mouse traps, and various udder weird characters, and you have a serious WTF stinker on your hooves! Which is good because plot-wise, the moovie is pretty mooch a snorefest. There is nothing even remootely violent or scary, but there is enough unnecessary weirdness to at least keep stink-fans from falling asleep.

Uncle TattooFace is ready to PAR-TAYYY!!! Where’s the booze?

All of this cowfusing wonderfullness comes from the world of SP Releasing, an indie mooovie company featuring the Pauls: Stuart Paul (writer and director of this here film, as well as Dollface) and Steven Paul (Producer of same), with a few extra Pauls (Hank and Samuel Mason, and Dorothy Koster Paul) tossed in for good measure. I’m really hoping there is a Paul Paul in there somewhere because as we all know YOU CAN’T GET ENOUGH PAULS WORKING ON A FILM!!! :=8O

I know, its apPAULing…

Sorry, Unc, but I’m kinda glad I’m blind right now…

Ughhh, just soooo much nothing happens in this film; the acting ranges from fairly wooden to way over the top; the production values also range from fairly decent to bad lighting and weird camera angle choices; and the plot is silly and seems painfully aware that not mooch is going on, and so tosses in various silly things, like katsup, to cover up the overall blandness. Its a shame because udderneath all of this junk there cud have been a fun little indie film, given a bit moore care, polish, and someone to step in now and then to say ‘No, dude, make the garden gnome put his shirt back on…”.

BUT, fair warnings folks, you can expect a lot moore SP Releasing films on Indie Film Cafe, cause, stinky or no, we digs what these guys are shovelin’…and we digs Alix Villaret, and we are CERTAIN that one of these oddball films is gonna capture her brilliance – SOON!

BOO! Imma ghost! Not just a crappy CGI projection, nope! A real…ghost…kind of…

Wow, the IFC kids cudn’t WAIT to give this film a 10 each, specially Jackey Hall who was flabbergasted by this feeble flick – just goes to show you should never udderestimate the MooCow for finding quality STINK! 10’s all around = an-udder 30 for Season 6, which may end up the stinkiest season yet! Straight up to Stinky Heaven with this one!

Check out the O-fficial trailer right HERE. Is on Tubi for free, along with a bunch of udder SP Releases. Is on Prime too. You can also stream it via SP Releasing on Vudu. If u want the physical copy, well the IFC folks have found it at their local Dollar Tree, along with the udder $1.25 flotsam and jetsam, but yer local one may or may not have it – check ’em all out, just to be sure! It also pops up on Ebay. a Blu Ray is SUPPOSED to be available at Walmart, but there’s nut’n honey there when you click – maybe you have to be blind or a ghost to see it, I dunno. You can get the digital poster of the film at Cinematerial.com and Themoviedb.org. That’s about it for schwag, unfortunately. If yer obsessed over Alix Villaret, like the MooCow is, here are a few sites featuring her: Instagram, SP Release article, an-udder SP Release article. And the homeship for SP Releasing can be found right here, with articles and trailers for all their stuff. We keeeed a lot about these moovies, but please, if you can support independent film making please do, we love our indies, even the stinky ones, because at least they’re trying to do something different and fun, so we put out the word whenever we can.

Oh Mr. Plastic Skeleton, when do I get to take my shirt off again??

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