Episode 34 A – Actium Maximus Redux


Well, as Doc says in Todd Sheet’s classic Prehistoric Bimbos in Armageddon City, here we go again!  Yep, while Mr. Moody is a busy bovine we decided it was time we got one of our favorite guest reviewers, Ms. Lenore Miller, our astronaut and science expert caught up on some of the moovies she missed, and to kill two birds with one heavy rock like object, we decided to show her ones which only had 2 reviews – this way we can have all the moovie scored with 3 reviewers, and make the Stink Scores moore even.

And soooo, without further ado, we find ourselves back at possibly the worst moovie if Season 2 thus far – heck, we figure might as well start at the bottom and work our way up.  I’d say it can;t get much worse than this, but long-time Indie Film Cafe listeners know that is never the case.  Anyhoo, poor Lenore was subjected to this bewildering mish-mash of a moovie, and actually enjoyed it, while clearly recognizing its distinct stinky bouquet.  Check out her observations (and the MooCow’s!) on our latest podcast HERE.

Here’s a hint, folks: it hasn’t gotten any better….


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