Episode 14: Barn of the Blood Llama


Incest.  Decapitation.  Bestiality.  Animal shaped coffins.  Llamas.  Oh man, this insane flick has it all!  Yes, deep down in whack-a-doodle Texas, there is a magical place called the World O’ Wool, where Gibby and his brother Jug make a living (somecow) from their herd of llamas, with a bit of help from the crazy, even-toned Doc Albert, who is trying to find the secret of Day-glo wool (and who isn’t?).  But our woolly pals have udder things in mind, especially when a gaggle of menstruating females from the Greasy Squeeze pops up, and they go all bloody crazy, and start to spit toxic cud (as you do) and murdering everyone in sight (or at least their mangy puppet stand-ins do).  The result, as you might expect, is something truly horrific!  Its a moovie that dares ask the question: Does everything in Texas spit toxic cud?  Well, we all know the answer to that…

Somecow, the Indie Film Cafe crew managed to survive this episode, but boy was it close!  Check out the moaning and groaning on their podcast, and take bets on how long before Just Jenn hits the MooCow over his head with a shovel for this one!  Personally, I think Gibby says it best here.  Oh yeah, and Clive Barker shows up.


The MooCow and Just Jenn did agree to give this batshit crazy film 9.5 scores on the Stinkometer, while poor Moody cud only proffer a 9 because he is genuinely frightened of what might come next.  That’s a 28 total Stink Score, folks, and is an all-time Stinkometer high!  Can Barn of the Blood Llama possibly be topped?  Only one way to find out, folks…

Stinky Score 9

Trailer??  We don’t got no stinking trailer!  Well, ok, we do have this fun little bit straight social media hell itself, Facebook. There are AETV interviews of the maniacs involved with this flick here and here.  And there is a great Gibby interview here.  There is a 25th anniversary edition out there, so if you wanna get your hooves on a copy (and you should!), cowtact the guys on their Facebook page and ask for directions.

“Mamma loves her Llamas…”

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